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About Kate

Started by Kate, a passionate foodie and qualified nutritionist, the aim of is to evaluate and inform you of the truth behind claims on fad diets, “super” foods and food labelling, as well as analysing the health & environmental concerns surrounding the food industry.

It is really important to take responsibility for what we eat, how it is grown and the environmental and health impact of our choices. In recent decades we have taken our eye off the ball, trusted the adverts and supermarkets to look after our diets, but as you will learn, you cannot rely on profiteering businesses to feed you with high quality, fresh food.

We needn’t consume high priced poor quality processed foods that will lead us into the arms of the healthcare professional. The greatest, healthiest foods can be grown in our gardens, bought from local farms and cost very little, thank goodness for vegetables, fruit, nuts and grain, REAL FOOD.


In 2015 obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndromes are strife within society. We have to actively work to eat well and avoid the poor quality foods that are so readily available and often masquerading under a healthy title. Together we can get to the bottom of it all and help each other regain health and enjoyment from food.

Tasty food doesn’t need to have anything to do with sugar, butter and salt. Fresh food really should be what we crave and it’s easy to change your mindset once you take a peak at the food facts.